Tube Knots

In the video, Matt and friends trace out a Trefoil knot by travelling on the London Underground system. A Trefoil knot is the simplest non-trivial knot. Can your students find a different Trefoil, or a more complex knot, on the London Underground?

Equipment needed

Tracing paper (or laminted tube map and dry wipe pen)

String to make the knots

More Information

In this activity your students find Trefoils and other knots on the London Underground like Matt and friends do in the video. 

Here is a list of the downloads and what each of them contain. 

Teacher Notes – notes explaining the activity for teachers.

Tube Crossing Points – when making their tube knots, students will need to know which underground line runs over/under at each underground station. This document gives this information.  

Knots Information – this document gives students information about knots. 

Map of London Underground for Central London