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Please see the grid below to compare the suitability of different sessions for different age groups and group sizes. Scroll down to find out about CPD.

 Upper KS2
(Broadly higher attainment, Years 5 and 6)
(Years 7 – 9)
(Years 10 – 11)
upper/high ability
(Year 11)
upper/high ability
(Years 12 – 13)
Group size
Group size
Presenters who deliver this session
Shapes and smoke rings AnyAll
Mathematical magicUp to 80*Up to 80*Usually Zoe or Sophie only
The hidden maths of technology  AnyAll
Freaky Probability  AnyAll
Maths in the Simpsons   AnyZoe only
Adventures in the fourth dimension   AnyZoe only
Paper folding & problem solvingSome groups – please enquireUp to 40 Usually Zoe or Nicole only
Domino Computing  Up to 40 Zoe only
The Power of PatternsAnyZoe only
Numbers in the News   AnyZoe only

*Please note Mathematical Magic is a cross between a workshop and a presentation for 80 students or fewer.


Most sessions we offer are designed to fill a one hour lesson time slot.

Group Sizes

Sessions can be delivered as large group presentations or as smaller hands-on workshops (40 students or fewer). 

Age Groups

Our sessions are mostly designed for age groups ranging from KS3 up to KS5, with a couple of options for broadly more able Year 5 and 6. The content can be adapted for all ability levels unless otherwise indicated in the literature.

Paper Folding and Problem Solving may be adapted for some higher ability Year 6 groups depending on teacher support and timings.

CPD and Other Audiences

Some Think Maths speakers can also deliver teacher CPD. Our CPD sessions cover enrichment material to complement the curricula that can be used to hook students and excite them about maths (rather than something more pedagogy focused).

The sessions give teachers a chance to explore the activities and ideas that they could use in their classroom and are also as much designed to get the teacher themselves excited about maths (an excitement they can bring back to their schools). 

There’s a range of possible enrichment topics that could be included.

Whichever topic is chosen the session will also provide teachers with some electronic classroom resources that can used to implement some of the activities in classrooms.

Also, don’t forget about our free classroom resources here

Think Maths can also deliver sessions for families at science festivals, and at evening events in schools.

Get in touch with us to find out more.


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