Upcoming Events

Think Maths primarily visits individual schools on a bespoke basis (email info@think-maths.co.uk if you’re interested in a visit for your school). However, occasionally we speak at events that can be booked by teachers/schools/individual students.

Please see some of these upcoming, bookable events below.

Zoe will be the giving a talk and leading some workshops at the FMSPW Celebrating Women in Maths days in Wrexham on July 2 and Bangor on July 3. Schools in Wales can book to bring Year 10 students.

Zoe will be doing some of her comedy material as the after-dinner speaker at the MEI Maths Teaching conference in July 2024. The conference can be booked by maths teachers.

Zoe is giving a couple of hands-on maths workshops (for 7-11 year olds, and 12-15 year olds) at The Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington (South West London), on Wednesday 21 August 2024. This can be booked by students.

Zoe is giving several workshops over the summer holidays at the Royal Institution in London. These can be booked by students. Zoe’s sessions are listed below.

Tuesday 30 July 2024 – Around the World in 8000 seconds, for age 7-8, and age 9-11
Tuesday 6 August 2024 – Computing with Cards and Dominoes, age 13-15
Tuesday 13 August 2024 – To the Fourth Dimension and Beyond, age 12-14
Tuesday 20 August 2024 – Mathematical Magic, age 9-11, in the morning or afternoon
Tuesday 27 August 2024 – Around the World in 8000 seconds, for age 7-8, and age 9-11