“There are not enough people like you in maths education and I think you do a fantastic job at inspiring our kids.”

Maths Teacher, Warwickshire

“Our head of faculty was particularly taken by your passion for maths and your command of the students.”

Teacher, State School, London

“Zoe is one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen.”

Craig Barton, CPD session for teachers at MathsConf24, October 2020

“The interactivity was the best part, it really engaged people. Zoe was also very funny and had excellent delivery.”

Head of Maths, state school, London – evening talk for parents and students

“Nicole gave very interesting talks today. There was a lot I didn’t know, and I think the pupils really enjoyed the talks.”

Maths teacher, Brighton

“Nicole was great – the smoke rings were the best I’ve ever seen”

Maths teacher and event organiser, event for Year 8 and 9 students

“Zoe delivered a great session which was pitched perfectly and engaged the students”

Maths Teacher, event for Year 10 students from state schools

“The activities were really different to what we teach in the classroom, and were at a level that allowed all of the pupils to be involved”

Head of Maths, state school, Midlands

“It helped raise the profile of maths at the school and, dare I say it, made maths look cool!”

Head of Maths, Kent

“All the groups enjoyed the talk and activities, even sharing some of the ideas with other students in the following days. It created a buzz for maths around the school!”

Maths Teacher, Dorset

“My friends and I, honestly, loved it. It was funny, engaging, and understandable the whole time.”

17-year-old student, London

“Zoe is clearly very passionate about maths and this has such a huge impact on the students.”

Head of Maths, London

“Zoe was an engaging speaker. She challenged and stretched with intriguing questions which led to excellent discussions amongst the students.”

Event organiser for sixth form students

“Zoe is a great speaker and the students really valued the talk she gave. It was pitched appropriately, and both staff and students enjoyed the talk immensely.”

University lecturer, talk for first year undergraduates and staff

“All of Zoe’s tricks TOTALLY amazed me and when I learned how to do them I was in awe. As soon as I arrived home, I showed my family the tricks and they were blown away.”

Year 6 student, London

“Zoe was an amazing presenter. The students and teachers were really impressed. The students also love learning about the smoke and the magic.”

Head of Maths, International School

“Today was great fun but challenging. I enjoyed the activities we did. […] I found it completely fascinating.”

Year 9 pupil, Reading

“Zoe explained everything very well and helped me understand mathematics better”

Student at a CAMHS hospital school