External funding for a Think Maths visit

Katie Presenting

We have listed three suppliers of external funding below. Get in touch with us for our tips on applying for each of these grants to cover a Think Maths visit. 

The Royal Institution – STEM grants for schools


Up to £500 for applicants from UK schools. 

Grants are awarded on a yearly or twice-yearly basis. Sign up to the Ri’s education newsletter to hear first when a scheme opens.

The grants are designed to help integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities into school practice and to support teachers’ professional development. Activities enrich or go beyond the curriculum and must be chosen from the list of providers held at the STEM directories, of which Think Maths are one: https://www.stem.org.uk/enrichment/stem-directory/activity/think-maths 

London Mathematical Society – Small Grants for Education


Up to £600-£800 to UK based applicants. 

Applications are accepted four times a year, with deadlines at the end of January, April, August and November, and decisions about a month after the deadline in each case. 

The grants are designed to help fund activities that meet either of the following aims: enhancing and enriching mathematical study beyond the curriculum, engaging the public with mathematics or encouraging unusual ways of communicating mathematics.

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications – Education Grant Scheme


Up to £600 for applicants in secondary schools, Colleges of Further Education (FE) and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the UK. 

The grant is designed to help with the costs of running or attending an educational activity relating to mathematics, with the aim to increase the popularity of maths and encourage the take-up of maths post-16. 

If you’re still struggling for funding, please let us know at info@think-maths.co.uk