Merry Mathsmas

ALL FOUR SESSIONS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. If you fill in the form you will be put on the waiting list.

Live interactive virtual show/workshop for Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 9), all attainment levels, with Zoe Griffiths.

Tuesday 5th December 2023 and Wednesday 13th December 2023

AM show 9:20am – 10:20am GMT and PM show 1:50pm – 2:50pm GMT, on both days.

£55 per classroom (you do not need to pay VAT).

We advise booking as soon as possible (see bottom of page), as places are limited.

Join Zoe Griffiths to explore all things mathematical and festive. In this virtual show/workshop, students will take part in a magic trick linked to Christmas crackers, use a famous mathematical theorem in a hands-on activity making cut-out decorations, and play a festive lottery with the chance to win a prize. Students will also have the opportunity to vote in online polls and a few student volunteers will appear on camera.

(NB: This is a repeat of the successful Merry Mathsmas shows Zoe did in December 2020 and December 2022).

“My students really enjoyed the event, the interactivity was wonderful.”

“The students really enjoyed the workshop and it was nice to do something a bit more practical!”

Teacher feedback


Accessing the show

The students will watch the show by their teacher logging in to our zoom call and projecting to students.

We advise for the best functionality to access the call via the zoom app (zoom desktop client or mobile app), rather than the web browser/client. The zoom desktop client can be downloaded here:

The show is not being recorded so can only be viewed at the times listed above.

One classroom ticket will entitle a school to have one device logged into the zoom call. Therefore this will enable you to project the show to one classroom of students only. We will post printed card resources for the show and for students to take home. We will provide enough for each student, up to a maximum of 35 students per classroom ticket.

This show includes a hands-on activity using scissors so is designed for students to be sat at tables.

It is also designed for students to be classroom size groups: there is the opportunity to vote for your class in polls or feedback their answers in the chat, which will be less manageable if students are viewing as a large group in a hall.


The talk content will last for 1 hour starting promptly at 9:20am/1:50pm and lasting until 10:20am/2:50pm. This doesn’t allow time for students to arrive/be registered/be given out the posted materials. We advise students are seated and ready for the start of the talk by 9:15am/1.45pm. The posted materials will be needed from the very start of the show.

Puzzles slides will be projected from 9:00am/1.30pm for early students.

Student activity

The show is for lots of classrooms from different schools at the same time. The pace is suitable for students who are on task and following the clear instructions independently.

Teacher involvement

Although the tasks are suitable for all-ability KS3 and all the explanation and instructions are given to the students by Zoe, the nature of a virtual session means it’s realistic that teachers will need to follow the session as well so they can prompt/support some students with activities if needed.

There is also some optional teacher involvement to vote in polls on behalf of your class, to contribute to the Zoom chat and to volunteer your students to be on camera/mic if you wish (this is entirely optional and we’ll only need a couple of classrooms across the whole hour). 


Students will need to have a pair of scissors (one between two is fine) and a pencil. A ruler is helpful but not essential. Students will need scrap paper if taking part in the pre-show puzzles. There will also be the opportunity to vote in online polls – if students are allowed to use their phones/a device to vote individually/in pairs, this is encouraged. As an alternative, the teacher can vote.


All four sessions are sold out. If you fill in the form for that date you will be put on the waiting list.

Click here and fill in the form. On receipt of this form we will email you to confirm this booking and will invoice you. The payment deadline is Friday 10th November.

The cancellation deadline is also end of the day Friday 10th November. After this we will not be accepting cancellations, and will still expect payment if it’s not yet been made.

Full terms and conditions here.

Email with any questions.

“Presenter was excellent – the content was varied and all worked well. Think the students liked being part of something bigger!”

Teacher feedback

“We really loved it. The cutting activity was amazing!”

Teacher feedback