Zoe Griffiths

Zoe Griffiths is a mathematician who travels the UK and internationally giving talks and workshops in schools, at science festivals, teacher conferences and at comedy nights.

Zoe regularly gives talks at Maths Inspiration events, and has talked about maths in places ranging from the Cheltenham Science Festival to BBC Radio 4. Zoe has also been featured on the YouTube Channel Numberphile.

Before entering the world of maths communication, Zoe worked as a classroom maths teacher in secondary schools. It was whilst teaching that she first developed her love for maths communication. After teaching, Zoe took up a position at the Royal Institution (the home of Christmas Lectures) and then began her work with Think Maths in 2017.

Zoe’s favourite number is i and she has been known to bake mathematical cakes and write mathematical poetry. Zoe’s personal website can be found here.