Origami Tangram

With these resources students can fold their own Origami Tangram pieces (or cut them out) and then investigate the properties of the shapes of the pieces, before solving some Tangram puzzles with them.

Equipment needed

Each tangram needs four square pieces of paper – pre-cut origami paper is available in a variety of colours and patterns, but coloured paper cut to a square, or scrap paper, can be used instead.

Curriculum Topics Covered

Problem solving; shapes, angles and geometry; spatial reasoning

The activities develop students’ geometrical reasoning and require them to apply their knowledge about properties of polygons.

See the Teacher Notes first for more details. The video below explains how to make the Origami Tangram pieces and goes with the instructions worksheets.

The activities are suitable for a range of secondary ages. In addition to the worksheets, necessary equipment is: 4 pieces per Tangram set of Origami paper or squares of normal paper (or scissors to cut our pieces out), and colouring pencils for the Tangram Properties Activity.