Mile of π

Does your wall need more digits? We’ve created a printable version of everyone’s favourite circle constant, which you can use to decorate walls, floor and ceiling with up to a mile (1.6km) of transcendental goodness.

Equipment needed

Tape measure to measure length of wall needed; tape or glue to join together sheets of digits; blue tack or tape/pins to attach to the wall

Curriculum Topics Covered

π; measuring and estimation; units and dimensions

Included in the download file are two versions of the π mile – one with marks for cutting with a guillotine, and one with a printed line for use with scissors. Using the included information sheet and lookup table, you can work out how many pages you’ll need to print to cover the distance you’d like. The mile can run along the top edge of the wall around the room, out into the corridor, and can also turn corners and run vertically, up around doorways and windows, thanks to the included corners sheet.

Watch the video below for an overview of how to install the Mile of π in your school, home, office or party venue. If you do put the Mile of π up, please send us some photos of it in place!