Squared Squares

A perfect squared square is a square that can be composed of a set of entirely unique smaller squares. Explore squared squares with your class via this collection of puzzles that involve deduction and spatial reasoning.

Equipment needed

Nothing for the Deduction Puzzles

Card and scissors for the Jigsaw Puzzle.

Extension: colouring pencils/pens.

Curriculum Topics Covered

Finding missing lengths in shapes, problem solving, spatial reasoning, four colour theorem.


See the Teacher Notes first for more information about all the activities. 

This set of resources was inspired by the Numberphile video about Squared Squares, featuring James Grime. See the video below.

The online maths shop Maths Gear has made a set of squared square coasters, designed by James Grime. Find out more about the coasters at: mathsgear.co.uk/products/squared-square-coasters

Thank you very much to James Grime for providing his diagrams of the squared squares for our use.