Spreadsheet pixel converter

Did you know a digital photo is effectively a spreadsheet? If you take a digital photo and zoom in far enough using a microscope you will see a pixel array, where each pixel is made up of one blue, one green and one red cell.

Friend of Think Maths, Andrew Taylor, has created a converter which will take your digital photograph and produce a spreadsheet that replicates the photograph by colouring cells of the spreadsheet exactly as the pixels in the photo are coloured.

Zoom out of the spreadsheet and see your photograph!

Watch Matt of Think Maths using the converter in a maths stand up set.

See the spreadsheet routine live by booking the Think Maths ‘Hidden Maths of Technology’ talk for your school or event. 

Email info@think-maths.co.uk to make a booking.

The code used in the converter is available here: https://github.com/andrew-t/mosaic

Credit: The converter uses the following library which handles zip support: https://stuk.github.io/jszip