Sophie Maclean

Sophie Maclean is a mathematician and experienced maths communicator currently studying for a PhD in Maths in London. When not discovering new maths, Sophie shares her love of maths with others by delivering talks and workshops all around the UK and beyond. She is a regular at Maths Inspiration events (having given talks to more than 700 school students) and has spoken about maths at the renowned Cheltenham Science Festival.

Sophie was awarded her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge, and has since explored many mathematical careers, having worked as both a Quantitative Trader and a Software Engineer.

Sophie also enjoys writing about maths and has blogged at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany reporting on new maths research, and is a member of the team behind the mathematical Chalkdust magazine.

Sophie’s favourite mathematician is Sophie Germain, and her hobbies include cryptic crosswords, and niche sports. When Sophie was a teenager, she played Pythagoras in “Maths the Musical”, which she cowrote with her friends. Unfortunately the footage has since been lost.