September 2024 Discount Visits

Applications for this have now closed.

This September (and early October) Zoe is offering to visit three state schools that are local to her, at a heavily discounted price.

Eligibility: To be eligible, your school needs to be state funded and within the M25, or outside the M25 but within the shaded area on the map below. (If you’re outside the eligible regions and want to apply anyway, please do! Zoe might select outside those regions if not enough applicants).

The offer:
Zoe is offering to deliver as many sessions as you would like / can fit in, up to a maximum of three, with the first session starting at 11am* or later. For a fee of £265 plus travel expenses (this is in the region of a 60% discount for three sessions).
*Start time might be able to be earlier in some cases.

Application process:
Use the form here to apply for a visit. This form must be completed by a teacher, not a student.

Deadline for applications is Friday June 14th 2024.

You will be asked on the form to indicate which dates (from a selection) you would be able to welcome a visit. (But you do not have to choose which year groups will be involved, or the exact timings of sessions yet – this can wait until you have your timetable information for next year.)

Once applications have closed, Zoe will select three schools to visit. Selections will be made based on when schools are available for a visit (if you are flexible on the date of the visit, this will likely increase your chance of being selected). Also, priority will be given to schools who have not been involved in a Think Maths booking before. Otherwise, the process will be random.  

Schools will be informed if they have been selected (or not) by Friday 21st June.

More details about the visit:
A session can last anything from 40 minutes to an hour of actual content time, as to fit your timetable. As an example, a one hour lesson slot usually gives 50 minutes of content time, when you factor in students coming and going.

Zoe would expect to see a different group of students in each session, or the same group at most twice, provided there is a break for the students.

Presentations are for unlimited audience numbers, provided that if there are more than 120 students there is a hands-free (lapel or headset microphone), and tiered seating or a stage. Workshops are for smaller numbers (80 students for Mathematical Magic, 40 students for the others).

Please visit here to find the full list of sessions Zoe can deliver.

There are sessions suitable for all secondary ages from Year 7 to 13.

Please note if you are a primary school, Zoe can only deliver sessions to year 5 and 6. There is only one large presentation Zoe can do for this age (Shapes and Smoke Rings), and two smaller workshops (Mathematical Magic and Paper Folding and Problem Solving).

Testimonials about Think Maths are here.

Any questions, email