Psychic Pets

Across the world pets are making predictions about the outcome of World Cup 2018 games with Matt Parker’s Psychic Pets project (video below). You can join in and register your pet!

These worksheets help explore the maths behind the Psychic Pets project. Curriculum topics covered include probability and combinations and permutations.

Equipment needed

Worksheet 1: Psychic Pets Predict World Cup Winners (Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5), Worksheet 2: How Many Psychic Pets Do We Need? (Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5), World Cup Fact Sheet (Required for Worksheet 1), Psychic Pets Results (Required for Worksheet 2) and our Psychic Pets Teacher Notes and Solutions.

Curriculum Topics Covered

Probability,  Combinations and Permutations, Using Powers. 

More details

The Teacher Notes and Solutions contain our solutions and suggestions of how students could attempt some of the questions.

In particular, its definitely worth having a read of the notes before setting your students off on Question 6 of Worksheet 1: ‘How many possible World Cup journeys can England have?’ 

Matt also made a video that explains our solution to this question:

Please let us know if you make any other activities inspired by these ones!

You can register your pet at