Giant Sierpinski Triangle

In this video below Matt Parker and Steve Mould manage to create recursive fractals using Powerpoint. Here we’ve collected some ideas for making giant fractals with your class. Including a brand new guide for a low-prep paper Sierpinski triangle the whole class can help build.

Equipment needed

Blank Paper, colouring pencils, scissors.

Curriculum Topics Covered

Fractal building activity – can prompt discussions about area, perimeter and scale.

Task Ideas 

Were your students inspired by Matt’s Fractal video?  We’ve collected some ideas below for making giant fractals as a class:

1. Want a no-fuss, low-prep giant fractals lesson? Have a look at the download above – ‘Giant Sierpinski Triangle’. This is our teacher instructions for making a Giant Sierpinski Triangle. 

2. Have a look at our Building 3D Fractals resource here. Build a giant Menger Sponge and a giant fractal Christmas tree. 

3. Try designing your own fractal! Students can choose their own shape which can then be divided into smaller versions of itself. Could you turn this into a group activity, with one student drawing the original shape and other students copying this and drawing the fractal at the next level down?