Building 3D Fractals

These Think Maths worksheets have all the instructions and printable nets required to build 3D fractals, both a Menger Sponge and a Sierpinski Tetrahedron.

Equipment needed

Scissors and tape/glue to make up printed nets

Curriculum Topics Covered

Fractals, infinity, nets of 3D shapes, construction

They work fine on A4 plain paper, but when printed on A3 card, they can result in some truly impressive structures.

As a festive twist, there is a third worksheet and net to build an entire fractal Christmas Tree, complete with a Koch Snowflake star on the top. We’ve also got a set of follow-on activities sheets about these and other fractals.

If you build any of these fractals, please do send us a photo of your achievement! We’ve got a gallery of existing photos sent in by schools.

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