Matt Parker's Maths Puzzles League Table

Matt Parker's Maths Puzzles Season 1 has now ended, here is the final league table of participants. 

Points and Weighted Scores

A correct solution (submitted before the deadline each week, where only the first entry per email address is counted) receives 2000 points*. An additional 1000 points is awarded for being the first correct submission, 999 points for the second correct submission, and so on, down to 1 additional point for the 1000th correct submission. We'll give 500 points if you got the wrong answer but we think you gave the puzzle a go. 

A weighted score is then calculated with more recent points being worth more than older points. These weighted scores dictate participants' positions in the league table. 

Matt will be awarding hilarious virtual prizes when participants reach particular weighted score milestones

*This is correct, Matt said 1000 by mistake in his first solution video.

Full League Table

See the entire league table belowordered by position. Use the search bar in the top right corner to find your display name (the display name you entered for your first puzzle, unless you were emailed a new one).

IF YOU DON'T FIND YOUR DISPLAY NAME IN THE LEAGUE TABLE this is most likely because we emailed you (from a new unique one (because multiple people chose your display name). Check your promotions or spam folder: your account may have automatically filtered this email away from your inbox. 

The league table is updated on Fridays with the previous week’s scores. Make sure you use the same email address each week for your points to add up. 

JGJG 18: The Car and the Diamond Scoring

There were some additional points awarded in this puzzle as follows:

- 500 points were awarded to Goats + Bogies + Poke, as this gives the correct results but just not in the lowest terms

MPMP8: Stack Folding Challenge SCORING

There were some additional points awarded in this puzzle as follows:

- We have decided to award a bonus 500 points to the following answers that weren't quite right: 8, 16, 19, 22, 24, 32, 39 and 96


MPMP6: 1 Million Bank Balance Puzzle Scoring

There were additional points awarded in this puzzle as follows:

- Extra 100 points to any correct answer that used negatives

- For people that used the most extreme values that the form allowed there was a second round of speed points awarded, starting from 500 points