What We Do

Think Maths is a group of mathematics speakers who visit schools and run workshops and sessions for all ages and abilities. The team have been working together for several years, and consist of PhD students, former teachers and experienced maths communicators. Our sessions are interactive, funny and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and remind them that maths is something to be enjoyed. We aim to enthuse students of all abilities, while teaching them invaluable mathematical thinking skills.

The team was started by Matt Parker, who works as an outreach officer at Queen Mary University, and also performs as a Stand-up Mathematician. Matt's first love is teaching, and as a former teacher he started Think Maths in order to go into schools and deliver amazing talks.

He has assembled a team of colleagues from a variety of mathematical backgrounds, including fluid dynamics, topology, physics and number theory, all of whom are experienced speakers and love delivering sessions on all areas of maths. The team are based around the country, and each has their own delivery style and in some cases their own talks to give. To find out more about our team, visit the mathematicians page.

The sessions we offer range from large group lectures to small hands-on workshops, although they can often be adapted to suit different situations. The talks are suitable for different groups from KS2 up to KS5, although some are also adaptable for multiple age groups. The range of topics available is constantly growing as new material is developed. An outline of the sessions on offer can be found on the sessions page.