"All the groups enjoyed the talk and activities, even sharing some of the ideas with other students in the following days. It created a buzz for maths around the school!"

Maths Teacher, Dorset

"Your lecture was very inspirational! I enjoyed it thoroughly, and appreciated your humour!"

Sixth Form student, Manchester

"Entertaining and thought-provoking."

Maths Teacher, Surrey

"It helped raise the profile of maths at the school and, dare I say it, made maths look cool!"

Head of Maths, Kent

"My friends and I, honestly, loved it. It was funny, engaging, and understandable the whole time."

17-year-old student, London

"I still talk about your presentation all the time. I really found it inspiring for me as a teacher, and truly entertaining."

Maths Teacher, Langley

"A most interesting and insprational presentation. Our students and teachers have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your presentation has created a buzz amongst the students and they are asking if we could have more sessions like this."

Maths teacher, London

"There are not enough people like you in maths education and I think you do a fantastic job at inspiring our kids."

Maths Teacher, Warwickshire

"I wish all maths lessons could be like this!"

Student, Salisbury

"Our students were extremely enthused."

Maths Teacher, Shropshire

"They got a little carried away with [Think Maths worksheet activity] but it also blew their minds. Simple yet effective for maths engagement."

Maths teacher, secondary school

"Today was great fun but challenging. I enjoyed the activities we did. […] I found it completely fascinating."

Year 9 pupil, Reading

“I really like the maths lady, I want to be a mathematician”

Year 7 student, London

"I don't think anybody has had this much fun with maths ever!"

Event Organiser, Finland