Shape Match

Perfect for a maths club, this card game uses logical thinking, and is about properties and matching. Mathematical questions can be asked around the design of the game and the game could form the basis for an investigation task. This game is a 'mathematically sensible' version of the game Ghost Blitz (Geistes Blitz). Read below to find out more!
Age groups relevant for by Key Stage:
Possible duration of tasks:
Up to 30 mins,
30 mins - 1 hour,
1 hour – 2 hours,
2 hours +

Equipment needed

Download 'Shape Cards', Download the five pages of 'Game Cards', Scissors to cut out the cards 

Curriculum Topics Covered

Combinatorics, Logical thinking. 

more information

The game has been carefully designed - it is a 'mathematically sensible' version of the game Ghost Blitz (Geistes Blitz) - featured here: In Ghost Blitz the objects do not appear the same number of times across the cards. In our version we've fixed that! Find out more in 'The Maths of the Game'.

We have made Teacher Notes that lead teachers through playing the game and the maths behind the game. The list below summarises what each Teachers Notes document (in the Teachers Notes zip file) contains.

Teacher Notes: 

Download 'Play the Game' - this outlines how the game is played and does not discuss the maths.

Download 'The Maths of the Game' - the background to the maths of the game, and mathematical investigation ideas, questions and solutions. 

Download 'More Maths - Extend the Game' - mathematical investigation ideas, questions and solutions surrounding extending the game.

We'd love to hear if you play the game or investigate the mathematics of the game with your students! Email

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