Matt Parker's Maths Puzzles

Matt Parker has launched Matt Parker's Maths Puzzles! Once a week Matt will be making a puzzle video, in addition to his normal Stand-up Maths videos. 

Viewers can submit their solution to each puzzle online to receive points and appear in a puzzle participants league table. See the information about points and league table here.

We aim for puzzle videos to be released on a Wednesday afternoon UK time, with the deadline for submissions the Tuesday of the following week at 11:59pm UK time. Click here to sign up to receive an alert email when puzzle videos come out.

Keep an eye on the puzzle pages on Fridays for a solution video to the previous week's puzzle. 

We hope you enjoy the puzzles and videos! Any comments or extra interesting solutions to share please email


Submit your solution by 11:59pm UK Time Tuesday 7th April, 2020

Previous Puzzles

See previous puzzles that are now closed for submission below. 

Puzzle 1 - Spinning Table Puzzle