Shapes of Constant Width

Did you know a circle is not the only shape that maintains the same width as you rotate it? There are other, lesser known, 'shapes of constant width'. In this set of resources students can explore what it means for a shape to have 'constant width', learn how to construct shapes of constant width using a pair of compasses and discover some real life shapes of constant width. 

Origami Tangram

With these resources students can fold their own Origami Tangram pieces (or cut them out) and then investigate the properties of the shapes of the pieces, before solving some Tangram puzzles with them.

Domino Computer worksheets

Computers work by adding binary numbers using circuits of "logic gates". Instead of an electrical circuit, it is possible to build these logic gates out of domino circuits. A huge network of dominoes is able to add numbers together in the same way a computer processor would, only much slower.